True Love Never Dies!

Finally the moment has come, which he was most afraid of. She just asked the question – “Am I your dream girl?”. Her expression shows that she is quite sure of getting acceptance. But he could not get courage to open his mouth.

Few minutes before it was a pleasant evening for him and now he is feeling very uncomfortable. He always liked her and perhaps from the deep of his heart he wanted to live the whole life with her. But there is something, which is preventing him to accept that. After waiting for few moments she pinches him and asks to answer. He just nods his head in the acceptance and at the same time says – “I am not feeling well. Probably the lunch was not good and there is some pain in my stomach”. She immediately forgets the whole conversation and gets worried about his health. He assures her to not to worry and then they separates.

It was hard day for him, boring classes since morning till late noon, then bad lunch followed by labs. And in the evening this incident. They were very good friends since a year, and during this period this thought has come many times in his mind but he always shut them off or throws them out of the mind. It’s not that he has never seen her in the dream. Many times he has seen her in his dream, but always he waked up from the sleep and told himself that it was not a dream. He is a liar, he lied himself many times.

Boy’s name is Rahul and the girl’s name is Soniya. Both are pursuing engineering in a reputed institute. Their branches are different and Rahul is one year senior than Soniya. In next one year Rahul will finish his degree and Soniya will finish in two years.

Rahul comes to his room. He does not feel to have dinner today so he directly goes to his bed. It is 7:30 PM now, he wants to sleep but he is not able to. Many thoughts are going in his mind. Suddenly the images starts coming in his mind, and are being played like a movie. It is a real movie, a movie of his own life. First he sees the day when they first met. Soniya is coming with one of his friends. They both see each other, then his friend introduces them to each other. His friend says that Soniya has joined the institute few days before. They do not talk much. After this short introduction they see each other many times- in the canteen, in the institute building, in the market, in the …..etc, but they do not talk. About 3 months after their first meeting, something happens which brought them close. He sees the scene of new year eve party- he is enjoying with his friends in the institute campus. There is a big celebration happening in the campus. He invited Soniya for the party and was pretty much sure that she will not come, but still there is a little hope in his heart. At 11:00 PM, he sees her coming, his heart starts pumping fast. She is eagerly searching for someone in the crowd. He does not dare to call her or go to her, he is continuously looking at her. She sees him and at the same time she feels very relaxed. She starts walking towards him, he also starts walking towards her (He is not sure whether he is walking himself or something is pushing him). They formally wish each other and keep quite for sometime. But there is so much excitement in the air, that they could not keep themselves idle for more time, and they starts enjoying the party and the company of each other. They enjoy the whole night, wish new year to each other and talk lots of things while coming back. This is probably the best day of his life.

He is in deep thoughts of some of his best moments of the life, when he hears his mobile ringing. After 3 rings it stops. He does not dare to see the name of the caller. He understands that the missed-call signal is sent by her, a way of saying good night. In the response he is supposed to send the missed-call. But he does not respond. After 3-4 minutes it rings again and this time it’s a full ring, he does not pick the call. He waits for another 10 minutes and then goes back to watch his movie, a movie of his own life.

At the time he finishes his movie his mobile shows the time as 1:00PM. Now he wants to throw away all the thoughts related to Soniya from his mind. He pushes his mind to come in action but it does not work. He tries again multiple time but no success. He feels helpless for a moment. Suddenly he leaves the bed, take a needle and starts puncturing his body. In a minute, blood droplets starts coming out from different parts of his body. He feels the victory. In the rest of hours (till the morning) he keep injecting his lies in mind.

Next day, Rahul gets up early in the morning (actually he didn’t sleep whole night). He finishes his daily morning routine work and gets ready for the classes. There is still one hour left for the class. He leaves the room and starts walking slowly towards the institute. He wants to keep his mind busy so starts remembering about the yesterday’s lecturer. His thoughts start from the morning’s lecturer then passed through the lunch followed by the labs and then it reached to the conversations happened between him and Soniya yesterday evening. Rahul suddenly feels a current in his mind and probably in his heart also. So he forcefully interrupts his thoughts. He reaches the class-room 40 minutes before the time, no one is there in the class. He opens a book, but is not able to read a single word. He wants the class to be started so that he can divert his mind. Luckily some of his classmates enter to the class room. They see him and greet. One of them says to him – “Rahul you look terrible, did not you get sleep last night?”. He just nods his head. They move to their seats. After sometime the class starts. Till evening, Rahul keeps occupied himself in lectures, labs etc.

After finishing classes and labs (it is evening now), Rahul starts moving towards the nearest tea-shop. This is the place where Soniya and Rahul meet daily in the evening after classes. As soon as Rahul reaches the tea-shop, he realizes his mistake and wants to return back. But he sees Soniya there waiting for him. When Soniya sees him coming, she starts walking towards Rahul. She reaches to him and starts asking questions – How are you?, How is your health? I called you yesterday night, why did not you pick the call? etc.. When he does not reply any of her questions, she gets worried and asked slowly – Are you fine? He take some time and replies, I am not feeling well. Then she sees her carefully (there is very less light so she could not observe it before) – He is looking terrible and tired. His eyes look like they did not get sleep since many days. His face muscles are very tense. She gets more worried and tries to touch his forehead. Rahul stops her hand in the middle and says – “I need some rest, next few days I may not be able to meet you in the evening, as I want to have as much rest as possible”. She wanted to say something, but he stops her and says – “Soon I will be fine, don’t you worry”. And he leaves the place, she is still standing there and watching him going away.

Rahul comes to his room (in boys’ hostel). It is dinner time, he did not have proper food since last two days, but is not feeling to have dinner. He forces himself and goes to hostel’s mess for dinner. There he meets with some of his hostel’s mate. They also comments Rahul about his health and express their concern. Rahul does not bother. He quickly finishes his dinner and leaves for the room. After changing his clothes he throws his body on the bed and starts gazing to the ceiling. His mind is empty or has resigned to think. It goes for about an hour or so when someone knocks on the door. He gets up and goes to open the door. It is one of his hostel’s mate and good friend Rohit. Rohit was worried about Rahul’s health when he got this news by some of the hostel guys, so he came to see Rahul. Rahul assures Rohit that there is no big issue, he just needs some rest. After getting assurance, Rohit leaves and Rahul goes back to his bed. He checks the mobile for time, it is 9:00 PM. His heart starts pumping faster because it is time for Soniya’s missed call. He is continuously looking on the mobile and is waiting for it to ring. When his mobile goes for sleep mode (because of the inactivity) he presses some button. Time to time he also checks the call log of missed calls with the hope that she might have called but he could have not noticed. It is 9:30 PM, but he has not received any missed call by now. There is full signal in the mobile, still he calls the customer care to check if his mobile is working fine. After the confirmation he gets so irritated that he is just about to throw the mobile, but he controls himself. He realizes that he is flowing with the emotions. Suddenly he gets up and goes to the bathroom (which is outside of the room). There he washes his face and puts some water on the head. Then he comes back to his room and tries to sleep, but there is no sign of sleep in his eyes.

On the other side, when Rahul separates from Soniya, she gets worried, and is continuously looking him going away.  Soniya comes back to her room (in girls’ hostel) then after washing her face she goes for dinner. She tries not to show any worry on her face and is quite successful. She talks normally with other hostel’s mates in the mess, quickly finishes her dinner. When one girl asks – “You finished very early, didn’t have proper dinner?”. Soniya just smiles and answers – “I am on diet and cautions about my body weight”. Then she comes back to her room. She has some assignments to finish, but she is worried about Rahul’s health. She thinks to call him but then drops the idea, because she does not want to disturb him. She opens her assignments and tries to concentrate on that, today she feels very hard to concentrate. Some how she manages to finish it by 9:00 PM, she took almost double time. After checking the time she thinks to call Rahul or send goodnight missed call but she drops the idea again. She closes her eyes, prays to the God for a while and then goes for sleep. After an hour or so, she manages to get sleep.

Rahul fights for sleep for long time, but the Goddess of sleep has not shown any mercy to him. It is 11:00 PM, till now his heart rebelled multiple times, but he always dominated it by giving pain to his body. Puncturing body with the needle, making small cuts using the blade, punching on the wall, hitting head on the wall, start running at one place till his legs surrender are such few methods which he generally uses to dominate his heart. Just now he has used few of such methods to a great extent so he is feeling very tired and his eyes are getting heavier. His mind was already in his control and he dominated his heart and exhausted his body also. All of these pleases the Goddess of sleep.

The mobile starts ringing. Rahul’s sleep is interrupted. With half-closed eyes, he picks the call and hear Soniya’s voice. It makes him fully awake. Soniya says – “Where are you? I tried multiple times.?”.
Rahul says – “I was sleeping”.
Soniya – “It’s 8 AM, are you fine?”.
Rahul – “What…., I missed my class”.
Soniya – “Don’t worry, today they closed all the classes, because of the strike”.
They talk for a while, Soniya asks again about Rahul’s health and Rahul says that after long sleep he is feeling much better. Then She tells him about yesterday evening that how she was worried about Rahul and did not feel to have dinner, she was thinking to call Him, but did not call. She also tells that how she took double time to finish the assignments and fought for sleep. Rahul says – “Do not you worry I will be fine soon. Since today is off, so I will be having whole day rest, it will help me to recover”. She does not say anything. After that with formal “bye”, Rahul disconnects the call.

The day went quite OK for Rahul, at night he gets (goodnight) missed call from Soniya, which He replies with missed call. After some readings at 11:00 PM he goes to the bed, he does not need to fight for sleep today. Next morning, he wakes up in time and after morning routines goes to attend the classes. In the evening while coming back from department, his legs automatically turn towards the tea-shop. There he does not see Soniya. He waits there for about 30 minutes and then comes back to the room. At 8:15PM when he is about to go for dinner, he gets a call from Soniya. She says him to come at the tea-shop immediately. He goes to meet her. At tea-shop, Soniya informs Rahul that she has got an invitation from a well recognized foreign university for research internship of 2 years duration and the invitation has come through her institute, so her degree will also complete with the completion of research internship. She says – “Everyone is saying me to accept the invitation but I am confused. Can you tell me what should I do?”. Rahul takes a deep breath and says – “It’s really a good chance and you should definitely go”. She confirms again – “Do you really think I should go?”. He nods his head and says – “You may not get this chance in future, you should go for sure”. She says – “OK then I have to leave tomorrow, they want me to join in a week. So I will go home tomorrow and will spend 2-3 days there before leaving the country.” And then they separate and move to their rooms.

Today Soniya is leaving the institute, Soniya and Rahul both of them are not sure about their next meeting. Since Soniya’s tickets and visa will be taken care by the university and she is supposed to get in 2-3 days, so she is not worried about those things. She has finished the packing and is going to the railway station with Rahul and few other friends. They reach to the station, everyone has some kind of emotions on their faces, but Rahul’s face is flat without any emotion. The train reaches to the platform, they put the luggage inside the train. After sometime the train gives the signal. Rahul and other friends come out of the train. Train starts moving, Soniya is sitting near the window and is waving her hand, everyone else is also waving goodbye to her. But Rahul finds difficulty to move his hand or open the mouth. As train gets faster, his legs start walking towards Soniya, he takes 8-10 steps ahead and leaves all of his friends few meters back. His hands and mouth are still, and eyes are on her face. Suddenly he sees few drops of water coming out of her eyes. And in few moments the train and Soniya both are very far from his view.

After the separation from Soniya, Rahul puts all of his concentration on studies and the preparation of the campus recruitment. It is his last year of the degree and in few months the campus recruitment is going to start. Soniya is also busy there in her work, on weekends she generally calls Rahul. Days are passing in this manner. In the campus recruitment Rahul gets an offer from an MNC, they want him to join their office in abroad (joining place is very far from Soniya’s current place). Their offer is so good that he accepts it. When the next weekend Soniya calls him, he tells her about the offer. She asks how long he will be there. He replies that it depends on his mood and the work. In the mid of the next month his final exams were about to start, so he gets busy in preparation. After finishing the exams, he goes his home for 15 days, then comes back to the institute to collect the degree and complete other formalities.And finally the day has come when he leaves the country for his new life.

It takes Rahul sometime to understand new job and new environment. His initial few months are very busy and his contact with Soniya is very less. Once in a fortnight they generally talk over the phone. Today is Valentine’s day, by the time Rahul is properly settled and accustomed to the new environment. Rahul gets a call from Soniya in her morning time (there is few hours of time difference between two places). She wishes him valentine’s day formally, he also wishes her. They talk for sometime and disconnected the call. At her night time Soniya calls Rahul again, Her voice is slow, heavy and fearful. She says – “Happy Valentine’s day again. You are my best friend, but I think you are more than a friend. I miss you too much. I never thought that it could happen to me. But it happened, I love you, I love you very much. I am sure you will understand my feelings”. She says lots of other emotional sentences and expresses her feelings in one go. After she finishes, there is a silence for few moments. Rahul is fighting for words and Soniya is eagerly waiting for his response. He opens his mouth and says – “It’s true that you have given a new meaning to my life. Your company always gave me happiness. I consider you as the best of all my friends. I like you very much and love you very much as a friend. But whatever you are saying is not possible”. His response makes her angry and her fearful voice changes in to an attacking voice. She starts asking lots of questions and clarifications. He is not having any answers for those questions, his heart is crying but his mouth is silent. She angrily disconnects the call. After half an hour, when He gets full control on himself, he called her. He says – “There are lots of questions, which can’t be answered. You are very dear to me and I will always consider you my best friend. I am sorry if I have ever hurt you or helped you to develop this feeling”. She says with anger – “If you will not answer my questions they we have to break our friendship here”. He says slowly – “You will be my friend forever”. She disconnects the call.

Tonight is very bad night for Rahul, rest of the night he could not sleep for a single moment. He wants to talk to Soniya, he wants to express his feelings, he wants to say – “I love you very much and I have never loved anyone so much before”. He is weeping, crying. No one is there to listen him, to understand him. He feels that he is alone in this world. He passes many hours in this way. Slowly he regains the control on his emotions. It is early hours of the morning, he takes the mobile and write one sms – “I am very sorry, I know I hurt you a lot. But I never wanted to do that. You are my best friend and always will be. If you decided to break the friendship, then I will not force you to change the decision. But I will request you to forgive me. Your friendship means a lot to me. I will always wish for your happiness” and send it to Soniya. After that he gets busy in morning routines and gets ready for the office. In the office, his mind is still loaded with thoughts and he is trying hard to occupy himself in work. After the lunch hours he receives an sms from Soniya. The message is – “Sorry, I dont want to loose a friend like you. Always keep contact with me”. He is so happy after reading the sms that his feelings is noticed by some of his colleagues. When they ask, he replies that God has just returned back the precious gift, which God has taken yesterday night. None of them could understand anything and he leaves the place without waiting for any further questions.

Soniya has finished two years of the research internship and goes back to her native country. After finishing the formalities from the institute and collecting the documents, she joins a research center in a tier-2 city as her first job. She gets busy in job and time is passing slowly. Rahul is about to finish 2 years there, now he wants to come back. He applies in some of the companies in his country and gets the offer from one. Compare to the current job, the offer is not good, but he leaves the current job and moves to his country. He goes to his home for 2 weeks and then joins the job in a tier-1 city. Now Soniya and Rahul both are in the same country but still far from each other. They are always in touch with each other via email or phone. One day Soniya calls Rahul and says that she is coming to his city to attend a conference. She says that the conference is for three days – Monday to Wednesday, but she will land on Sunday afternoon. Rahul is very happy after getting this news and eagerly waiting for the day to come, but at the same time he is very nervous. He is afraid whether he will be able to control his emotions in front of Soniya, whether he will be able to hide the feelings. He is afraid perhaps his face will tell the truth, perhaps his heart will rebel at that time. Finally the day has come, Rahul is waiting for Soniya in the airport. They are about to meet after more than 3 years. His mind is full of different kind of feelings and thoughts. Suddenly they see each other, He feels like a current in the body. Soniya goes motionless for few moments. Then she leaves her luggage there and starts running towards Rahul. It is very hard for Rahul to control his feelings, but he manages somehow to be still there. Soniya reaches to Rahul, she sees him for a moment, both smile to each other and then she hugged Rahul. Rahul is quite and motionless, keeping both the hands down. After few seconds Soniya realizes her mistake and releases Rahul. It takes some time for them to come normal. Then Rahul takes Soniya’s luggage and both head to the hotel. Soniya’s accommodation was arranged by the company in a hotel. In the way to hotel they do not talk much. When they reach to the hotel. Rahul tells that he will be back in the evening and then both will go outside and leaves. After reaching to his house, Rahul closes the door and starts punching on the wall, then He takes the needle and pierces his biceps, soldiers and thighs.

In the evening, Rahul goes back to the hotel and then Rahul and Soniya go outside. First they visit some places and then at night they go to a family restaurant for dinner. They talk a lot and both are very happy in each others company. It is getting late, so after finishing the dinner both come back to the hotel and go to Soniya’s room. Soniya opens her luggage and gave a gift pack to Rahul. Rahul opens the pack, it contains a shirt and wrist watch. He is very happy after getting the gift and expresses his thanks to Soniya. After sometime Rahul leaves the hotel and heads to his house. Next three days, they regularly meet in the evening and have dinner together. Last day, while having dinner, Soniya says – “I am your good friend and I am going to leave tomorrow morning. You have not brought any gift for me”. Rahul gives some excuses. Then Soniya says – “OK, no problem. But if you want to give me one thing in your life, what would you like to give”. Rahul says – “I would like to give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes”. There is silence for some moments but after that everything come back to normal. The rest of time they enjoy the company at night Rahul drops Soniya to the hotel. They say good bye to each other, and none of them know about their next meeting. He leaves the place without looking behind. After reaching the house, Rahul tortures his body. His body pays for what his heart did in the dinner. Next morning Soniya leaves the city. After reaching her house, She gets the news that a parcel was delivered for her two days back. She collects the parcel and opens it. There is a nice dress of her choice with matching ear-rings and sandals. When she checks the parcel carefully, she finds that the parcel is sent by Rahul about 1 week before. She is very happy, She calls Rahul and expresses her thanks to him. Rahul is also happy after hearing her cheering voice.

Soniya calls Rahul at night. Rahul receives the call and with cheering voice He greets her. Soniya’s voice is quite serious, without saying “Hi” or “Hello”, she directly asks the question – “Do you really love me?”. Rahul does not say anything, after few seconds Soniya repeats the question again – “Do you love me or not?”. Rahul takes a deep breath and replies with slow voice – “Yes I love you, you are my best friend”. Soniya gets angry now and says – “Answer me clearly, I know you love me but why are not accepting it, what is stopping you, tell me”. No answer from Rahul, then Soniya tries to put the same question in many different ways and forces Rahul to say something, but Rahul does not utter a word. She gets very angry and disconnects the call. Rahul does not dare to call her back. After few minutes he receives an SMS from her – “I am breaking this (so called) friendship with you. Never try to call or contact me. Let me live peacefully”. He starts crying. He takes Soniya’s photo and starts talking to it. He is crying and telling everything to that photo, whatever he wants to say Soniya. He does not try to control his emotions. His conversation with the lifeless photo goes for hours and then he loose his conscience and sleeps. Next morning, he wakes up by the alarm clock. He does not feel to go office and takes the day off. Whole day he tries to control himself and thinks about Soniya. At night, he sends one SMS to Soniya – “I am sorry”. Sooner he receives a reply as SMS – “Please don’t make my life hell. I don’t want to have any contact with you, who is liar, impotent and coward. Never contact me again”. He feels as his small life is ended.

There are few things which force Rahul to live and does not allow him to die before the death. He wants to finish some tasks in next few months and the separation with Soniya gives him full time and energy to concentrate on those tasks. Sometime his poor health stops him to achieve goals, as his health is worsen day by day after his separation from Soniya. But his determination always win over the poor health. After two months, when he is almost finished with those tasks, he feels very relaxed, satisfied and happy. One day he gets a news from someone that Soniya has an accident and admitted to a hospital in Rahul’s city. Actually Soniya has come to Rahul’s city for some conference and here she met with one accident. Rahul immediately goes to see Soniya in the hospital. Soniya is lying on the bed and her whole body is covered except forehead and hair. On the forehead Rahul can clearly see stitches and bandages. He meets the doctor Sharma, who is operating on her. The Dr. Sharma says – “There are few fractures and wounds which will be recovered in few months but the major problem is that both of her corneas are damaged, they have to operate to replace the corneas as soon as possible and the chances for success is very less”. Dr. Sharma also informs that it may take some time for them to find the cornea. Rahul leaves the hospital and after 3-4 hours, he comes back again and meets to Dr. Sharma. They talk for sometime and Rahul gives few papers to the doctor. After that, Rahul leaves the hospital without seeing Soniya.

After coming from hospital, Rahul gets busy in some work and reaches house at late night. Next day He calls his best friend Prashant. Prashant reaches at 10:00 AM. After some formal discussion, Rahul says something to Prashant and gives him few papers and couple of phone numbers. After listening Rahul, Prashant laughs at him and comments on his intelligence. One hour later, they leaves Rahul’s house and goes to market in Rahul’s car. Rahul parks the car in the parking place and then they starts walking. They roams there for sometime. At about 12:30 PM, Rahul says to Prashant – “I have one urgent business to finish. You just wait here this side, I will be back soon”. Before Prashant can say anything, Rahul leaves. Rahul crosses the road through over-bridge and starts walking on the footpath along side the road. Road and footpath both are almost deserted. Suddenly one uncontrolled heavy car hits on the footpath close to Rahul. It makes Rahul to loose his control and he fells on the road. Then the car drives over his stomach and legs. The driver, stops the car to see what has he done. People start shouting and run towards the driver. Immediately the driver starts the car and runs away from the place and soon the car is out of the view. Prashant sees the accident from other side of the road and runs towards Rahul. There is lots of blood coming from Rahul’s chest and lower parts of the body. With the help of other persons, Prashant brings Rahul to the nearest hospital.

At hospital, the doctor declares Rahul dead. Prashant is half conscious, and is unable to decide what to do. Then suddenly he remembers about the phone nos and the papers which Rahul gave him in the morning. Actually in the morning Rahul told to Prashant – “If in future something will happen to me and I die then immediately call to any of these phone numbers and inform them. Keep these papers with you, you may need them if you face any problem. And do not tell anyone that I have given you all these today”. Prashant calls one of the phone no, on the other side Dr. Sharma receives the call. Prashant informs Dr. Sharma about the situation. Dr. Sharma tells him to wait there. After sometime Dr. Sharma and 2 other doctors come there. Police is already there because of the accident case, Dr. Sharma shows some papers to police and after some formalities, police allows them to see the body. They go inside the room and longtime after they come back. Prashant approaches to Dr. Sharma and asks about the matter. Dr. Sharma informs him that Rahul has signed a form to donate eyes after death, so we just did what Rahul wanted. Dr. Sharma questions Prashant – “Did you inform Rahul’s parents”. Prashant answers – “I recently changed my mobile and lost most of the nos. I don’t have “Rahul’s parents no”. Dr. Sharma – “Where is Rahul’s mobile?”. Prashant – “He forgot his mobile in house, he was telling when we were in the market. I have duplicate keys of his house, I will go there and fetch the mobile then inform his parents”. Dr. Sharma and team leaves the hospital and Prashant approaches to Rahul’s house.

Prashant opens the main door from duplicate key and searches the hall, kitchen and a room but could not find mobile any where. There is one more room, which is locked. Prashant remembers that the room was locked when he came in the morning. After thinking sometime, Prashant brakes the lock and enters inside the room. In the center of the room there is one small card-board box. He opens is box and see a diary and a mobile on the top. Mobile is switched off, he switches it on and then takes the diary. There is a pen inside the diary at the last written page. Prashant reads the last few lines of the last page which says – “My dear diary, you were so close to me. I have shared everything to you. Without you my life would have been horrible and without me your existence does not make any sense. So I have planned to end your life as well. Please forgive me”. Prashant gets worried and immediately checks the box, it is full of inflammable and at the bottom there is one small time bomb, which is set to fire in few minutes. He removes all the inflammable from the box and defuses the bomb by removing the battery. Then he reads last few pages of the diary by which he develops the understanding – “The accident which took place today was planned by Rahul. Rahul gave money to some professional and planned the accident in such a way that there will not be any chance of him to survive and most importantly his head (mainly eyes) should not be damaged. He also signed papers for donating eyes to Soniya after his death and gave these papers to the Dr. Sharma with a cheque for operation fees”. Prashant gets so upset and angry on Rahul that he starts abusing Rahul. Many thoughts start coming to his mind – “How can Rahul be so selfish?, How can he ignore all of his family responsibilities? How can he scarifies his life for Soniya without thinking about the parents and others?”. Prashant wants to read more of the diary but suddenly the Rahul’s mobile rings, mobile screen shows “Home calling”. Somehow Prashant manages to deliver the sad news to Rahul’s parent. Then he disposes off inflammable, time-bomb and card-board and leaves house with Rahul’s diary and mobile.

After getting cornea from Rahul’s body, Dr. Sharma starts operating on Soniya and it goes for many hours. After the operation, Dr. Sharma informs that the bandages from eyes will be removed after 2 days. Rahul’s parents reach to the city and then to hospital. After formalities they bring back Rahul’s body to home town. Prashant also goes with them, after the funeral Prashant comes back to the city. He does not tell the truth to any one, but he is very angry on Rahul. Today Soniya’s bandage is about to open, after opening the bandages Dr. Sharma says her to open the eyes slowly. She opens the eyes and see her parents standing in front of her. She is very happy. Doctors told her that she will be discharged in few days but advise to have bed rest for 15-20 days to heal other injuries. Few days later, she is discharged and is about to leave for her native place with parents. But before leaving she wants to see Rahul once, then she gets the news by someone that “Rahul has committed suicide, He was in love with a girl and that girl married to some other guy. Because of this shock, He ended His life”.

After coming from the funeral, Prashant is very eager to read Rahul’s diary. One evening he opens up the diary and starts reading. From the first page he understands – “Rahul started writing the diary more than a year after joining the institute. There were some experiences and incidents which forced Rahul to write the diary, as he did not want to share them with anyone else”. After reading the first page, Prashant gets curious to know those experiences and incidents so he continues reading. Diary has only 34 written pages, but he could read only first few pages silently and in rest of pages he is reading as well as crying. After finishing the diary, he takes about half an hour to settle down. From the first page to the last page, what he understood is that –
<<< Rahul is an introvert and very conscious in sharing his personal experiences and feelings with others. It is about a year after joining the institute when Rahul and Soniya meet first time and in few months He develops some kind of feelings about her. He wants to share that feeling, but he can not not do that because of his nature. So he choose to write the diary. It is the month of February when he starts writing the diary. His diary is true companion, he lies to himself but never lies to the diary. As the days are passing they Rahul and Soniya are getting closer and closer and Rahul starts seeing Soniya as his life partner but never tells her. It is the vacation time after exams and most of the students and teachers are on vacation. Soniya also went to home to enjoy the vacation with family. He did not go to home but stays in the institute because of the involvement in one academic project. Since last few days he is feeling some pain, so one day he decides to see the doctor. Since the institute hospital is running out of staff (due to vacation), so he approaches to one private hospital outside of the campus. After observing the symptoms, the doctor decides to go for some tests. Doctor kept him in the observation for one day and the next day the test report has come. Doctor informs him – “You are suffering from a sever disease which is incurable. Since you young and you immune system is very strong so you have about 3 years or so to live with medicine”. Somehow he manages to control himself and requests the doctor to not to tell this news to anyone else. Next two days he is very depressed. He has family responsibilities and he learns soon that his depression will kill him well before his death. This is the day when He starts to lie himself. After few days the vacations come to an end and Soniya comes back from home. Many times Rahul tries to go away from Soniya and break the relationship (friendship), but he could not do that. And finally the moment has come, which he was most afraid of when Soniya asks the question – “Am I your dream girl?”. There are few other incidents which disturbed him very much – When Soniya leaves the institute, When she proposes him on valentine’s day, When she stops talking to him, When she hugs him on airport, When she broke the friendship. On each of these incidents, he tortures himself and lies himself. He is always in the touch with doctors to get updates about the disease cure and remaining time. When there is only few months left, he resigns from the abroad Job and comes back to his country. He opts for some life insurance policies, so that his family will get huge amount after his death. Just before Soniya’s accident, Rahul was very close to the death and was heavily dependent on medicines. After Soniya’s accident, he plans for his accident so that his family and Soniya will get benefited. He hires one professional to kill Himself so that the death should look like an accident, signs papers for eye donation, gives a cheque to Dr. Sharma for Soniya’s operation, makes sure that after his death his postmortem will not reveal anything about the disease and hires one attorney so that his parents will get the insurance money soon after his death without any trouble. >>>

Prashant destroys the diary and decides not to reveal this truth to anyone. Rahul’s parents get the insurance money soon. Soniya is very much recovered and wants to go back to the job then her father shows her one marriage proposal. This time she is not able refuse it. The guy is working in abroad and she is supposed to go with him after marriage. The marriage is performed and she leaves the country. She is very happy there and has two sons. Her husband is very loving and caring person. But many times when she is alone and looks herself on the mirror, she has the feeling that Rahul is very close ho her and watching her. In her sixties, she is suffering from one severe disease and is very close to the death. She wants to die in her country so she comes back.

It’s about a month since Soniya came back to her country. Her condition is very serious and is rushed to the hospital. She is on her death bed and doctors informs that she has only few hours left. Both of her sons are there with some other relatives. One stranger enters the room and says that he came here to deliver one packet to Soniya. Her elder son asks for the packet. Delivery boy denies, he says – “I am working for a company who does future delivery. Many years before a person paid money to deliver this packet to Soniya. That person told that this packet must be delivered to Soniya only on her death bed. So I have come here to deliver this packet”. The delivery boy tells the name of the person as “Rahul”. When Soniya hears the name, She asks for the packet. She opens it, it contains a note and a diary. The note says – “I told you to tell everything one day. The day has come today. I know you will not die before knowing the truth. Read the diary and if possible please forgive me”. The note was signed by Rahul’s name. She opens the diary, this is the duplicate copy of Rahul’s original diary. She reads the whole diary and was crying continuously. She touches her eyes to get the feeling of Rahul. No one dares to ask anything to her. After sometime, she controls herself. She is happy that Rahul also loved her and never cheated her. Her first love was true. She declares her last wish that no one will see this note and diary and both should be destroyed with her body in the funeral. She is very eager to meet Rahul in the heaven to live the eternal life together. She leaves the painful world with the smile of satisfaction on the face.

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